Tomorrow came early

Time to take back control of your asset

your challenge

Making sense of Work From Home

Integrating Flexible and Co-Working options

Acquiring and Adopting the right solution-oriented technology

Making the Office the place companies need again

Avoiding paralysis at a moment screaming for decisiveness

asset-centric consulting

It’s expensive to own and operate an Office asset. It is more important than ever to be purposeful and strategic in the ways you think about the expenditures of resources and time. Any and all efforts and conversations must lead to the creation and ongoing curation of a fluid and dynamic work ecosystem. We get it and have lived those tensions but know that paralysis by analysis is a real threat in today’s rapidly changing world. Let us come alongside of you on the front end (or anywhere a log jam is putting your assets and portfolio at risk), help focus your priorities, and set your office portfolio on a path towards success. We will look at everything: common areas, path of travel, food, fitness, flexible offerings, leasing process, hold period, technology, and many other areas holistically.

organizational consulting

It is likely that your ability to execute a brand-new plan for your asset and portfolio that reflects today’s work world is in large part hindered by the capabilities and attitudes of your current team. That’s ok – the world has changed, but that means your team must quickly pivot as well. It is normal that you are at a loss on what to do next with your team and what conversations and decisions need to happen next. Let us come again alongside you and help jump start that process and map out a simple but effective and actionable set of next steps that will accelerate your path to a dynamic work ecosystem operated by an invigorated and refocused team… now aligned with your financial objectives.
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