There are early adopters and then there are those that truly pioneer and champion new concepts and get their hands dirty to ensure success.  Mike and his team identified challenges in their business and then found technology like ours that would solve for that.  We always knew we could count on support, candor, collaboration, and responsiveness from him and his team.

Riggs Kubiak

Founder/CEO, Honest Buildings (Procore)

Mike embodies servant leadership. He loves real estate, but he loves people more. Stemming from years of leadership experience, Mike knows how to assemble a team and achieve industry-leading performance. He is a true innovator and has changed our industry for the better.

Jayson Lipsey

Chief Executive Officer, Parkway Property Investments

Mike is not waiting for a solution to come along as it relates to technology. He is purposeful in how and what he wants to pursue next. He is realistic but aggressive in setting expectations but is committed to making the relationship positive for everyone. He will only take on what he is confident he and his team can make happen.

Nick Romito

Founder/CEO, VTS

Mike has an amazing talent to drive big, game changing ideas in careful balance with meticulous attention to the smallest of details.  He commits the time and energy to develop relationships with the local community so that he can meet and exceed expectations for the real estate while working equally as hard to ensure the same outcome is achieved for all parties.

Daniel Woodroffe

President/Founder, dwg.

Mike is not afraid to thoughtfully go in new directions to make his team better and the real estate more impactful and valuable. We are fortunate to be in a position to be selective in the projects we take on, and Mike is a thought leader who we are always happy to look at projects with.

Patricia Buchholtz

Partner, lookthinkmake

Mike and his team transformed a timeless and great office tower that we had occupied for years.  They communicated well and delivered exactly what they committed to.  The result and what it did for our company was fantastic. 

Kenneth Guidry

CPA, Former CEO, PKF Texas

Mike’s progressive approach to office environments is balanced by his appreciation of the blocking and tackling required to run big office complexes at the highest levels.  He and his team’s willingness to actively engage with us with the same level of interest and enthusiasm as something more ‘exciting’ ensured that they were learning all the time in multiple directions towards continual improvement.

Pat Roberts

Principal, The Brookline Group

The best kind of design is the kind that gets to the heart of human behavior and either responds to it or helps shape it.  Mike always pushes for design that is forward-leaning but pairs well with the day-to-day interactions he seeks to induce in the assets he and his team run.  The sincerity of this approach is fantastic, and we always know that when he calls, he and his team will be additive and active in the thought process.

Manuel Navarro

Design Director | Principal, IA Interior Architects

Mike understands how to get a project built. He is innovative and open to creativity. He allows designers like us to push boundaries and take risks within a set of parameters established by his team that lead the project to success.

Michael Hsu

Michael HSU Office of Architecture

What I love about Mike is that he has a “make stuff happen” attitude at all times. He had a vision for how the project should go but let us also ensure that this project met and exceeded our vision as well – a true win-win mindset.

Parham Javaheri

EVP, RE & Development, Lifetime

Construction is hard because it is inherently filled with uncertainty and risk beyond anyone’s control.   I enjoyed working with Mike and his team because we had a level of communication and trust that ensured each challenge and obstacle could be overcome, even though the projects were ambitious, cutting edge and complex.

Michael Scheurich

CEO, Arch-Con Corporation

As it relates to the ‘future of work’, Mike has been actively advancing not only ideas but action for years.  He understands the world of asset management inside and out but has equally deep experience with flexible workplace environment, technology and other ancillary critical pieces to activation. 

Gabrielle McMillan

CEO, Equiem

Many people in the industry do not appreciate the internal conviction and support needed from the top down for owners/operators to get the full benefit of all the exciting proptech solutions that have come to market over the last several years. While many people are looking for instant fixes to complex problems, Mike always had a strong appreciation of both the commitment involved and the power of our software to help transform their operating practices, drive returns and improve ESG performance.

Alec Manfre

CEO, Co-Founder, Bractlet

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