Our Leadership

When it comes to the intersection of idea generation and execution, combined with a focus on leadership and people, Mike and Jack have the experience, both independently and together, to help owners and assets not only keep up with but outpace the demands of today’s fluid work environment.  Their holistic and deep understanding of Commercial Office ensure that the right people and approach will be brought to the most complex of scenarios.

Mike Fransen, Founder / CEO

Jack Gregoire, President

Mike Fransen, Founder / CEO

Jack Gregoire, President

Our Story

The office sector has forever changed. Work can get done by individuals anywhere, but new ideas, attraction, retention, and development of talent, long term organizational health and community will all happen at a dedicated location where people can safely gather, collaborate, and be flexible. Mike recognized this trend years ago and left what he was doing to study the industry, ultimately, creating Workng… a team dedicated to reimagining and reinspiring the hospitality-oriented management of all workspaces in a given asset.   He has and will continue to assemble like-minded and seasoned operational veterans capable of curating the entire work ecosystem for the purpose serving the evolving needs of occupiers while creating value for owners. 

Our Brands

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Asset / Property Management

Now Workng

This flex offering is available to owners where Workng already is engaged with the owner on a portfolio management assignment.

Our Mission

To work with owners of large, complex office assets to reimagine, deploy and operate an ecosystem that best enables companies of all sizes and stages to focus on their core business by bringing their employees together in a variety of settings that drive performance through community.

Our Core Values

Honest. Business moves at the speed of trust and we will establish and maintain integrity-bound relationships in multiple directions capable of moving forward.

Innovative. Open, flexible, and adaptable.

Communicative. Answer questions before asked and follow the golden rule in terms of transparency and communication.

Accountable. We will work hard to drive performance by setting goals and meeting those objectives.

Enthusiastic. Authentic enthusiasm is contagious, and life is too short to not sincerely embrace each day. We aspire to not just house office space, but curate an ecosystem that is critical for occupier health and productivity and thus owner/investor financial success.

Community Centric. Recognize the power of each community we operate in and aspire to really have a fresh and sincere approach to help cement the connection to the market, asset, and occupiers.

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